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People feel intimidated sometimes. They often feel intimidated by others both in real life and online to use the easiest, most convenient tool(s) for the job in order to get a specific task done. The problem with this peer pressure programming, is that people are not deciding for themselves what is best for them. They are not putting their Privacy, Safety, and Security at the forefront of their priorities in terms of what e-mail provider, operating system, cloud storage provider, etc. they could be using in their day to day lives. But it is their choice. It is your choice, too. It is a choice we must all make.

PSShub is a simple website, where people can visit to get the ball rolling in terms of what tools, services, and providers they can/could use to take back their privacy, say “good bye” to Google and other data thieves, and restore their peace of mind that their data and information is safe on the Internet.

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Advanced Hardware/software for hardened security.

Some people on the Internet need an extra layer of security to ensure their safety while using it. In this instance we will recommend some hardware/software they can use to harden their security.

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